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Emaxx Website Has Been Hacked

Emaxx, a well known motherboard supplier and producer. October 3 early morning after formatting my PC with an Emaxx motherboard, I’ve visited their website to download a driver because the DVD driver included on the motherboard was corrupted. I’ve landed on their home page “” with a news title “This Site HaS Been hackeD by ITAVN” which is link to “″ and the face of the hacker’s picture with a music title “Payphone”. And below there was a message “I’m so sorry because I hacked your website But your security = 0 !!!  You should secure your website more :) Dear Admin”. I hope Emaxx website security will be upgraded soon.

Why their website was hacked?

  • Website has very old extensions installed.
  • They’re using an older version of CMS or script.
  • They’re have write permissions on your .htacess file.
  • They’re write permissions on your *.php files
  • Ther’re allowing users to upload file on the server.
  • And lastly giving credentials to untrusted developers.

Above reasons was only my opinion and I’m not sure what really happens why their website has been hacked.

I hope no hackers will ever touch Atlantis Radio Website!

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