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Atlantis New Web Design For 2013

Finally, Our new web design are up and running. Some part of it is not yet published. But soon it will be publish. Were force to close our website to the public because of the major reconfiguration in our server.

So whats new? Here is the list of changes in our website.

  • Chatroom has been restored, but there’s no moderator. Please respect each other. If you’re active in our chatroom and you want to be a moderator please contact us.
  • Realtime Now playing message on the homepage with dedications and name of the requester. Now playing still available in each of every page above the logo.
  • Recently played song and time played. You may also view the last 50 songs played by clicking the “More>>” button besides “Recently Played Song”.
  • Top 10 songs of the month on main page and top 50 on the dedicated page, just click on “More>>”. Note it will automatically reset the request count every first day of the month 12:01AM.
  • Recently Added songs features with specific date has been added.
  • Newly added lyrics features has been added.
  • Add lyrics to your favorite artist, just click on “Submit lyrics for Artist – Title” on Song Info Page and it will show you the lyrics box.
  • Song information has been added. Just click on song name and it will drive you tosong information page.
  • Song search features has been added.
  • Current PH Time and Date has been added. (For reference)
  • Dedication has been added, if you have a successful request the dedication form will show up. The dedication message is available only in our home page if the requested song is playing. You can also view it via song info under dedication history.
  • Oh before I forget, the auto play has been removed. You may click the “LISTEN NOW” button to tune in. And the player is temporary. I will redesign it if I have spare time.

That is the major changes of our website. If you found any trouble or problem regarding with our new website please contact us.

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  1. nice website pre…musta

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