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This internet radio station is 100% absolutely free and it is only a hobby of mine. My internet radio plays Original Pilipino Music, Pop, Ballad, Instrumental & Love Songs. Atlantis Radio reach already 1 year of free service, because of continued support from our listeners we are inspired to stay online.

Visiting & listening to my Radio more often can help this hobby stay online longer. We are not here for business or charged our listeners for our services made. We are here to cater our listeners. My goal is to give you the best entertainment through music that I possibly can. So, if you have any comments, suggestions regarding with our streaming & website to make our service more better, feel free to contact us at webmaster(@)

So… spread & share to your friends and to everyone.. Atlantis Radio Philippines the best station to be… I encourage you to listen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

History of Atlantis Radio Philippines

December 2014

  • Update Website with mobile support

July 2009

  • Host back my encoder in our local network.
  • Reconfigure all incoming and outgoing internet connection.
  • Calibrate our network limits in order to deliver you the uninterruptible and buffering free music streaming.
  • Re-route our network IP and routers.
  • Setup Apache and MySQL server for request and dedication features.
  • Arrange music playlist.
  • Added new songs.
  • Test the streaming, request/dedication in our local network.
  • I switch website script to the popular WordPress script.
  • New logo was created.
  • Testing my streaming on local network.
  • Configuring website interface such as currently playing, next track, history, latest songs & most requested song.
  • More updates soon…

June 2009

It’s nice to be back on track. After having my long vacation in the Philippines, During my vacation I did not be able to update my website, my playlist and also my online radio. I left my online radio station unattended by the help of Auto DJ. Now, I’m going to set-up my new server for my station in order to possibly request the music you want to be hear and be able to see your dedications in our website (experimental) or even in your winamp media player. And not only that, you’re gonna be able to see whats next on the playlist, see your requested songs, and even the history of the playlist, and be able see the most requested songs on this station. I have also switch my website script to a popular WordPress script in order to be a user friendly interface website and easy to configure.

I want to thanks the following sponsor website for the support:


They support my online radio until I came back here in South Korea. And thanks to MyshoutServer for giving me 5 months free Shoutcast hosting. Thank you Breck.

February 2009

  • DJ is on vacation to the Philippines.
  • No updates yet.

January 2009

  • Auto DJ is active.
  • Added new songs.

December 2008

  • Relocate our radio station to MyShoutServer Auto DJ.
  • Downgrade our listener/bitrate to 25 slots with 48Kbps.
  • Disable request, most requested and dedications feature.

July 2008

  • Upgrade our shoutcast hosting maximum listeners from 25 to 50 slots with 128Kbps bitrate.
  • Added latest additional songs script.
  • Added most requested songs script.
  • Change website layout and design.
  • Injected realtime dedication in our website and winamp media player.

July 2007

Atlantis Radio Philippines is celebrating its 1st year anniversary. After all the problems thus encountered in web streaming, I have learned a lot from the problems I’ve encountered . It taught me to find better solutions to every problem that comes my way. All these problems prompted me to upgrade my server hardware; from Intel Celeron 2.66GHz Processors to 3.4GHz Intel Pentium 4, from 512MB RAM to 1028MB and I also my LAN Cards and Hubs from 100MBps to 1000MBps for better network communications. I have done this in order for me to serve you better and to achieve quality streaming.

Website After upgrading my hardware, its high time for me to upgrade my website. Now, I use CMS (content management system) website using PHP scripts. I combine it with my HTML codes, JavaScript and flash animations. Thereby managing my website quite easy, fast and saves time a lot.

Here are some new features of my website:

  • Instant request to your favorite songs,
  • View the Top 20 Most Requested Songs
  • You can view the enqueued songs on my playlist on the home page.
  • You can view the “now playing” as well as the dedications and the dedicator if provided.
  • You can also open a new topic in Forums,
  • Registration in my website is easy and absolutely free,
  • Guestbook
  • More features soon.

You may also contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions by simply filling up the form & submit, and lastly, say hi to Atlantis Radio thru “Chatter’s box”.

July 2006

I, Rafael S. Camago, established Atlantis Radio Philippines on July of 2006. It started to broadcast online with a bitrate of 64Kbps which could accomodate 20 listeners only. In my initial web broadcasting, I encountered so many problems such as buffering & music cuts off as well as bad internet connection. Probably my upload bandwidth is not enough to cater my listeners as I have anticipated. At that time, I have Intel Celeron 2.66Ghz processors and 512MB RAM on my computer. My internet connection is VDSL with a capacity of 2200KB Download & 1800KB Upload as I test at I host my own website together with my shoutcast server using a Apache web server. These unfortunately, did not meet the required ideal hardware. Furthermore, I then discovered shoutcast DNAS server to broadcast over the internet. After testing a lot of streaming server software, I chosen shoutcast DNAS server due to its stability among the other streaming server software.

My website is not as exquisite like the others. This is due to the fact that I am not a web programmer that could create some tricky designs so please bear with my “masterpiece”. Creating a website is that easy. It takes time and a lot of effort to finish the whole website. I collected all the information like HTML codes, simple java scripts, logos, animated pictures & etc. of which have been useful for my web designing… All my ideas was only gathered from the internet. After I have finished with my research & testing, I have created a simple yet savvy website for my listeners, friends, family and for any web surfer.

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  1. just asking whats the title of the song played hour ago? that goes this way ” kakaiba ka sa lahat ng nakilala ko at di magsasawang titigan ka kahit itoy paulit ulit at kung malalaman ko ang damdamin ako kayay iibigin mo kahit alam kong di bagay sayo” thanks a lot.

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